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Noor Kids Referral Program, Islamic Children's program

How it works

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Noor Kids Referral Program, Islamic Children's program

Frequently Asked Questions

Note from Noor Kids: We are offering this program in good faith to help build awareness for our work, such that we can achieve sustainability. Please, do not engage in abuse of this program. As a small, Muslim-operated organization, we exist because of support from people like you. 

  • I love Noor Kids, and I've already shared it with friends, but not as a part of this program. Can I get the reward? Firstly, that's for your support. As an organization, our prayer this month is to grow such that we can cover our costs and achieve sustainability.  

The intention behind this campaign is thus to drive new memberships, in pursuit of this goal. As a result, we are only able to offer the reward for new memberships that are generated through the program highlighted above, and not for previous references that my have been given. 

  • Can I use my code, make a purchase myself, and get the reward? Yes, this is fine. However, we reserve the right to cancel any order or reward if it appears that abuse of the incentive program has occurred.
  • Do I have to be a current Noor Kids member to participate? No, you do not. Any individual that appreciates the work we are doing, and would like to help share it with friends, is entitled to receive the reward.  
  • I don't live in North America, How can I participate in this? Unfortunately not at this time. However, if you would like to purchase a 4, or 12 book bundle, we'd be happy to provide $10 off with coupon code "NKVIP-T1X7Y".