How Does a Digital Camp work?

  • Daily Live Khutba for Kids: We will be hosting a live 20-minute "Khutba for Kids" program each day at 6pm CST. If you cannot watch live, the recording will be available. (Please mark on your calendar. We will not be sending email reminders because is daily.)
  • Animated Kids Quran: We have animated the entire 30th Juz of the Qur'an with Arabic + English. Videos are looped 3x to help children memorize. We encourage children to try an learn one Surah per day.
  • "Social" Memorization: Once children have memorized a Surah, they can submit and view recitations from other children across the world. (Yes, really.)
  • Weekly Family Challenges: Families are challenged to participate in three interactive challenges each week. Upon completion, families can share + view submissions from families across the world.